395 South

Sonora Pass Metric

This is probably the hardest local route due to the long steep stretches of 14-18% or steeper but it is also a very scenic ride and traffic is slow and not usually heavy. Don't count on any water at the east end at Hwy 395 and Dardanelles Store on the west end is not alway open. Be prepared! About 7,100 feet of climbing in short order. If you want to make a century ride out of it, descend west with some extra climbing all the way to Strawberry for lunch and then turn around.
Route Map

Tioga Pass/Olmstead Point Out and Back Metric

Starts from Whoa Nellie Deli/Mobile Station near the bottom of Tioga Pass Road. The best time to do this is usually in May when the park service allows cyclists and walkers to use the Park Road after it is plowd and before it is open to traffic. Call Yosemite Nat'l Park for the dates in the spring. Otherwise the traffic between the Park Entrance and Olstead Point can be bad. Another options is to just climb to the top of Tioga and back wwith good shoulders. About 5900 feet total to Olstead and back and about 3000 if you just do Tioga. The availability of food and water beyond the start is very seasonal.
Route Map