Guidelines for Ride Leaders

As a courtesy to riders who want to join you, please adhere to the following:

Feel good about having led a ride! Our club exists to support people riding bikes together.

Thanks for stepping up!

1. Advance Notice -- Try to post rides at least 48 hours in advance.

2. Descriptions and Directions
Sometimes non-club members from out of town join our rides, so post rides as if youíre writing to them.

Provide clear directions to the starting location.Give a good description of the ride, including
the length of the ride in both time and distance.For long rides (over 2.5 hours), note whether food or

water is available en route.Be helpful and descriptive in your posting.

3. Start Time -- Pick a specific start time and stick to it.You should arrive at the start at least
10 minutes before the posted start time ready to ride.

4. Cancellation -- Indicate what weather conditions or circumstances cancel the ride.If you canít

show up to a ride that youíve posted, please try to get an alternate ride leader.Be warned that if you

post a second ride notice to indicate the cancellation of an earlier posting, people who check e-mail

infrequently may not see the cancellation in time.

5. Waivers -- All club members, including ride leaders, are covered under the clubís liability insurance,

and all members have signed the necessary waiver.However, non-club members have not.To

protect yourself and the club, download and

print a blank waiver form.Make sure that all ride participants who are not club members sign it.

6. Preparations -- Be more prepared than on a typical ride so that youíre ready to help someone

with a problem.Bring spare tubes, a patch kit, tools, a pump, more water than you think youíll need, etc.

7. Briefing -- Introduce yourself to everyone who shows up for the ride; review the route and make

note of turns, hazards, and regroup points; and check that all participants know what sort of ride you are doing.