Race Rules and Info

Registration: Starts at 5:15 Registration ends at 6:00 for ALL categories! Especially at the Crits/Circuits
(Reason: The race director needs time to prepare for the race and watch the status of the races.)

Road Races and Time Trials: All classes start at 6:15 pm

Criteriums: C's and D's start at 6:15 pm A's and B's at or close to 7:00 pm.

Crit Rules:
- Please DO NOT warm up on the course when races are in progress. You may warm up on the outer roads.
RATIONAL: When you’re in a group, you need to be able to look around & know that everybody racing is in your category. Also, you are one person out of many that may inadvertently affect the race if you are warming up during other category races. It also makes it easier to keep track of the laps/time and race leaders.
- Ride thru the finish DO NOT sit up or get in the way of the riders behind you.
- There will be NO mentoring during actual races this can be done off the course and special days will be set aside for training.
- Please DO NOT cool down by following the other groups that are racing. See rational listed above.

Helmets: You gotta wear ‘em, duh. No helmet, no race.

Points: 1st=20, 2nd=17, 3rd=14, 4th=12, 5th=10, 6th place down one point. *10 points for racing Club Challenges (regardless of placement).  When changing categories, up or down you will only carry half your points. Once you move you are in that cat for the remainder of the season. The decision to move up or down will need to be made by the end of the East Valley TT (third race of the season). This will give you the chance to race the three disciplines (TT, Crit and RR) you should have a feel for where you should be by then. If a racer is obviously in the wrong cat we will talk about moving to the cat you belong in. There will be no pressure to move, we just want you to be the best place for your ability and skills. The most important part of this race series is to HAVE FUN!

Club Challenges: The Reno Wheelmen & Alta Alpina will each host 2 Club Challenge races. All riders will receive 10 points for participating in each AACC or RW hosted Club Challenge event.

Aero-Bars: Can be used ONLY at Time Trials. You will be asked to take them off if you show up for Road Races or Crits with them.

Rear view mirrors: are not allowed and will need to be removed before racing.

Waivers for Everyone: Please download the race waiver, fill it out, & bring it to your first race. I keep them on hand at all races and are used for emergency contact purposes.

Entry Fees: $10 for club members; $15 non-club members. Club Challenges $10 for AACC and RW Club Members.

**** Numbers
You will get a number at the start of the season/your first race. You will need to keep this number all season. I will have the sign in sheets set up after the first race with your name and number on it and will use them thru out the rest of the season. This should speed up registration. If you lose your number you will be charged $1.00 for a new one.

Please keep track of where you finish in your race and report back to the finish line to make sure we have you posted.